Medical discrimination in America

I for one have had two traumatic brain injuries first TBI was a head first fall off of the top of square monkey bars belonging to the schools playground. The second TBI was after school where I took a blow from a wooden baseball bat to the back of my bare head. I have been suffering from TBI for a long time almost 30 years without any medical treatment whatsoever even though I have sought it out. The healthcare I’ve experienced in America is what I would compare to what I can only imagine as to being buried alive …warning you may hear the sounds of a macabre reality. How about suffering through life with many health issues including severe head trauma only to be…1. Ignored when telling doctors over and over that you’re experiencing serious symptoms. 2. laughed at right in your face when you share personal details of what you’re experiencing. 3. Ridiculed and told your crazy for thinking anything is possibly wrong with you other than what the doctor has already told you 4. Being prescribed “medicine’s” that when combined state they could lead to your death. 5. Treated like you have just committed the ultimate taboo when you pop the question on the doctors that gave you a deadly combination of medicine just by asking them “why”. 6. Being denied certain treatments for some secret reason concerning health insurance in my case “Amerigroup Washington Apple health”. In conclusion, I can’t speak for all states but this is what happened to me at Valley view health center in Chehalis WA.The experiences truly were comparative to being buried alive. Doctors in some practices seem to be taking advantage of the insurance system and terribly neglecting patients. After waiting for 5 months I finally got approved for Kansas insurance so we will see how it goes here…Will I be buried alive again only time will tell? One thing is for sure I believe in my rights as a human being and I won’t be buried alive again to the point that my voice filled with words of truth cannot be heard… they will live on. My opinion and referral to you that if you’re seeking serious medical attention and don’t fill you are getting proper care try somewhere else. After telling my doctor at this clinic of my traumatic brain injury. I was referred to a psychologist but nothing was done about my memory loss or my severe headaches or other symptoms I suffer from she didn’t even document my complaints correctly and fraudulently reported my visit as anxiety instead of brain trauma the doctors claim was my insurance wouldn’t cover the exam I needed to be seen for TBI… good thing I didn’t have an aneurysm. My human rights have been violated most of my life because of my TBI. If you’re in a situation that involves violations of your rights as a human please don’t keep it a secret reach out to as many people and organizations as you can this is the only way the disabled and oppressed have a chance to be heard and expose those who are negligent. While my “special” treatment from this health center and others may have been a result of many different factors I’m not exactly sure which one to believe was it was because my family and I were homeless,? or was it was because I was misjudged for being an uneducated person therefore taken advantage of,? or was it outright neglect on the physician’s behalf? I believe this is a corrupt system that preys upon the helpless, under educated, and disabled charging insurance companies and forgetting about the patient’s well-being. If you don’t know your human rights I encourage you to learn them and stand up for them and don’t forget the 30 articles of human rights and you are protected by law. “If you don’t speak you can’t be heard”

Author~ Joshua Cobb




There’s nothing wrong with my life.

It’s what I make it, absent, of worry and strife.

On that day I finally found me.

It’s the day I became all I can be.

  Believing first in me now.

I asked God am I worthy of thou.

Suddenly realizing I’m a King.

Anyone listening could hear me sing.

You ask what did I sing a song.

 Yes being sure no one could say I was wrong.

You wondered how long my song would be?

It was my secret therefore only me.

Now I ponder my truth I create.

One thing was for certain there’s no debate.

I knew what I wanted that was for sure.

Much to my surprise the thing I wanted was in fact, the cure.

by Joshua Cobb









Memorial For The Brave

Memorial For The Brave
As billows of smoke rose through the air.
Only staying long enough to admit its care.
It’s not a dishearted man I now clearly see.
But a man who risked his life so I could be free.
Over test of time obstacles have made him wise.
Recognizing his job to fight when he heard the cries.
He defined a good man, not like some who would hide and cower.
When they saw the collapse of our first tower.
By Joshua Cobb